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Within the scope of the search engine optimization, for example, the structure, the content and the programming of the internet appearance to the parameters of the similarity measure, in order to increase professional seo services the relevance of the edited document against the search engine. The methods used can be used to optimize the internet appearance and the optimization of external factors. Before going to the individual methods of optimization in the two see also the comments on the search engine optimization. For the perception of search results, for example, the studies. For the click distribution of search results. Search index ranking. Search engine optimization sections.

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In more detail most common approaches to assess the similarity between the professional seo services document and search query in section. The chapter concludes with a comparison of the strengths and weaknesses in search engine optimization. Approaches to relevance in addition to classical approaches to information generation, determine the relevance of a document for a search query all models used on the hypermediality of the medium or the search behavior. Within the framework of the classical approaches, particularly the vector minimized valuation model dimensional vector is applied, the number of dimensions n of the number of identified keywords of the document. Similarly, the search query is in dimensional local business seo vector as a function of the number of search words. The positioning is then made due to the proximity of the different ones document vectors to the search vector.

To the distance of the to calculate vectors to the search vector, the dimensions, that is the identified keywords, within the framework of the indexing weights assigned. To determine the weights, there are now many types approaches used in combination. The most important approaches are, for example, the relative worthiness, the inverse document frequency and the location of the words the weight of the relative frequency is calculated by the number uses of a word in a document in relation to the sum all words in this document. Here it is assumed that each more often a word in a document, the more important is that word for the content. Approaches to relevance assessment while the frequency of meaning is the meaning of a word for a document, the document frequency often determines a search word in the of the total data stock. The inverse document frequency describes how rarely a word is used in all documents. The inverse document frequency is calculated from the total number of the documents in the data stock in relation to the number of documents, in to which the word occurs.

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The larger the value of the inverse document frequency is, the better is the word for the delineation of the documents in the database. From this consideration the two described so that the resulting weight the meaning of the word for a document (relative worthiness) as well as the distinction to other documents (inverse document frequency) rated. In the case of the weighting as a function of the position of a word, the previously accepted equivalence of words within a document canceled. It is assumed that words at the beginning of a document have a higher meaning for the content of the Visit info: document as later occurring words. An extension of this approach is taken into account as well as the distance between words. These considerations are mainly used to optimize a website. In addition to the vector model, which is based on the analysis of documents in the data base, have approaches that have the hypermediality of the internet, widely spread. The most famous approach is the pagerank procedure developed by brin and page assigns to each web page a value that depends on the number and the number quality of incoming and outgoing links (links) quality of a reprimand is again proportional by the pagerank of the referring page.